Filemaker is the tool that EshalSoft currently uses to build bespoke database solutions and the systems around them to ensure that our clients can manage their businesses in the best possible way and increase profits. Many businesses that we encounter have inefficient processes to gather, store and use the data entered in their system (whether it be Computer-based or Paper-based). The information is often stored in separate systems, multiple spreadsheets or multiple files of physical paper and is generally very scattered. Filemaker is a powerful system that ensures that our clients can solve these issues and make sure that the data entered into the system provides them with valuable insight, and save time.

Here are some of the reasons why we prefer to use Filemaker to solve the aforementioned problems:

  1. Cross Platform Solutions

    Filemaker Pro’s cross platform capabilities allow you to access and manage business information across devices such as iPads, IPhone, Mac, Windows and the web. This provides our clients a huge ease-of-access to their system. Millions of users across the world can access one database to manage contacts, track inventory, organize projects and so much more. This powerful cross platform capability is not provided by any other platform and is one of the most powerful features of Filemaker.

  2. Quick and Easy Development

    Filemaker is very quick to develop and is often called a rapid prototyping tool. There are many different features already built into Filemaker that the developer doesn’t need to worry about and therefore, saves a large amount of time. This in turn gets the client up and running very quickly as well as save them significant amounts of funds.

  3. Build iOS Native Apps

    The latest versions of Filemaker allow developers to create apps for iOS straight from Filemaker and saving significant time during the development. Clients are then able to use the app to scan bar codes, capture signatures, add photos and videos from the camera and much more. This allows Clients to use an app interface that they are familiar with and is easily accessible from the home screen of their phone.

  4. Powerful Security Measures

    It’s very easy in Filemaker to centralize information on Filemaker Server and safely access data using proven encryption standards. A powerful function of Filemaker is to manage individual user privileges and control level of access down to specific fields and buttons. Certain information can be hidden or just made un-clickable according to user privileges. It’s a powerful system that allows our clients to control who accesses their data.

  5. Share and Integrate with Other Data Sources

    Filemaker is very versatile, and allows easy sharing of information across different platforms extremely easy. You can easily exchange, interact and create two-way live connections with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL sources of data. It breaks limitation and allows clients to use their system in whichever way they deem necessary without being limited by platform requirements etc.

These are just some of the few reasons as to why we recommend you use Filemaker to develop your business solutions. If you would like some advice regarding Filemaker and how you can use it in your business then give us a shout today !!

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