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SwiftBin – A Software to control your Bin Data, to manage your Bin Hiring Business

A software that doesn’t look good and doesn’t provide a good experience is useless. That is why we focused an immense amount on how to create a software that provides a simple and easy-to-use interface. It was paramount for us to make sure that this software does not become a liability but becomes something that you enjoy using.

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The Dashboard of SwiftBin

A software must not only look good but work with extreme dexterity and speed. Our software, due to being built on the Filemaker Platform offers unparalleled power. You can store unlimited records and the find functionality of the software is phenomenal. The platform of Filemaker is also supported on both Windows and Max OSX operating systems and therefore, able to provide you with service on any device you use. The software is also available on all iDevices, therefore allowing you portability like no-other.

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SwiftBin has made my job a lot easier. It is so easy and quick to book a job in, the information only has to be entered once, which is a fantastic time saver for me. It is also so easy and quick to find any of the information stored. EshalSoft have provided such a fantastic support service and have fixed all issues that may be encountered quickly and professionally.

EshalSoft has done an amazing job on the software and should be proud of it.

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