Custom Development

EshalSoft specializes in all aspects of Filemaker Solutions and their Development, including web integration, mobile, security and much more. We can easily create and design a new solution or extend and improve an existing solution.
Knowledgable Experts

EshalSoft has some of the best developers available, our experts have experience ranging from 5 to more than 20 years. This allows them to have a deep knowledge of how businesses run and can provide full consultancy to help you improve and gain that edge,
Free Consultation

We offer free expert consultation to help guide you through the decision making process, perform system analysis and will spend as much time as you require to make sure that you get the best possible product.

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SwiftBin – A Software to control your Bin Data, to manage your Bin Hiring Business

A software that doesn’t look good and doesn’t provide a good experience is useless. That is why we focused an immense amount on how to create a software that provides a simple and easy-to-use interface. It was paramount for us to make sure that this software does not become a liability but becomes something that you enjoy using.

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The Dashboard of SwiftBin

A software must not only look good but work with extreme dexterity and speed. Our software, due to being built on the Filemaker Platform offers unparalleled power. You can store unlimited records and the find functionality of the software is phenomenal. The platform of Filemaker is also supported on both Windows and Max OSX operating systems and therefore, able to provide you with service on any device you use. The software is also available on all iDevices, therefore allowing you portability like no-other.

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Our experts are well-versed in various different technologies which allows them to integrate Filemaker with other solutions and provide you the best solution suited to your needs. We can easily integrate Google Calendar, Google Maps, QuickBooks, Email, Shipping APIs, Phone Systems etc.

Custom Web Publishing

EshalSoft is deeply versed in building web-based Filemaker solutions. We use Custom Web Publishing with PHP to create web solutions allowing you to access your database and manage your business from anywhere in the world.


Filemaker WebDirect allows users to create one-click access to Filemaker Solution in a browser. We can design and optimize a database to allow quick and easy access through WebDirect and also assist with server configuration etc.


Using Filemaker Go, a free iOS app, we can bring Filemaker applications to iPhone and iPad users. Our expert designers excel at designing software that can look and function beautifully on mobile screens.


Our developers can build a system that will allow you to control all elements of your system. Fully Encrypt Network traffic, Application-Level Control Over Data as well as Interface Access.

Enterprise Ready

EshalSoft’s experts have worked in every major industry from Medical to Mining, from Postal to Fabrication. This gives them the experience allowing them all to manage projects at any scale.

 Support and Maintenance

With on-going service agreements, we respond to incoming requests for task-driven initiatives and can work extremely quickly to make changes and updates to your system.

 Free Consultation

We offer free consultation for all business to assess requirement and provide advice regarding the next best steps for their business. Click Here here to Contact Us

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